Active Living As We Age

  • Take part in endurance activities such as walking and cycling at least 150 minutes per week, in sessions of 10 minutes or more
  • Do activities that improve strength at least 2 days per week
  • Do exercises or activities that enhance balance and flexibility

Being active every day is a step towards better health & body weight.
This will help ensure that you are active on a regular basis.

Here are some tips:

  • Endurance or aerobic activities should be moderate to vigorous in intensity. Examples: walking, swimming, dancing, aerobics, cycling, cross-country skiing. Try to take the stairs or walk whenever possible.
  • Do activities that increase strength and involve the major muscle groups at least twice each week. Examples: lifting weights or household items such as laundry or groceries, climbing stairs and doing wall push-ups.
  • Do activities to improve your balance every day, to help prevent falls. Examples: reaching, bending, Yoga, Tai Chi.

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