Why Should I Be Active?

Maintain your health and independence as you age

Physical activity is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your physical and mental health and quality of life as you get older.  Walking, stretching, and keep your muscles in good condition will help you maintain your independence.

Physical inactivity makes your body age faster

Independent living depends on being able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them.  To stay independent, you need to be able to reach, bend, lift, carry and move around easily.  Staying physically active will help you to keep moving and stay strong.

Think about these facts:

  • 60% of older adults are inactive
  • Sitting or lying for long periods is a serious health risk (World Health Organization)
  • Inactivity leads to decline in: bone & muscle strength, heart & lung fitness, flexibility
  • Inactivity is as harmful to your health as smoking

Get active in your own way

  • at home
  • in your community
  • with friends
  • on the way to and from activities

……….that’s active living!

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Letting it Go!

Have you ever taken a deep calming breath and asked yourself this question?

Forgiveness is the Key


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Release that negative energy.

No good will ever come of it.

“You can’t look a gravestone in the eye and ask its’ forgiveness.” – MsM

Reduce Stress Any Way You Can